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Dadhichi Public School, Meerut, is a premier educational institution committed to providing holistic education and shaping young minds to become responsible global citizens. With a rich heritage of excellence in education, we strive to create a nurturing environment that promotes intellectual, emotional, and physical development.

We follow the C.B.S.E. curriculum while integrating global perspectives to provide a well-rounded education. Our experienced and dedicated faculty members strive to create an engaging learning environment where students are encouraged to think independently and develop a thirst for knowledge.


We offer a comprehensive academic program that blends tradition with innovation.

Innovative Approach
Innovative Approach

Schools provide a wide range of facilities to support the holistic development and well-being of students

Society and Safety First
Society and Safety First

School have all the required and important approvals.
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Experience State-of-the-Art School Facilities
Nurturing Growth and Inspiring Success

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At Dadhichi Public School, our vision is to foster a passion for lifelong learning, critical thinking, and personal growth. We aim to empower our students to explore their full potential, embrace diversity, and contribute positively to society. We envision a future where our students become leaders and change-makers in various fields, meaningfully impacting the world around them.

Beyond Academics

At Dadhichi Public School, we understand that education is not limited to textbooks and examinations. We place great emphasis on character building, moral values, and community engagement. Through various initiatives, we encourage our students to develop empathy, social responsibility, and a sense of service towards others. We believe that by fostering a strong moral compass, we can shape responsible citizens who will contribute positively to society.


Playgrounds, sports fields, gyms, and courts for various sports activities and physical education.


Facilities with advanced equipment and materials for conducting experiments and scientific research

Arts Studios

Spaces dedicated to visual arts, music, dance, drama, and other creative pursuits.

We welcome students from all backgrounds who are eager to learn, grow, and contribute. Our admissions process is transparent and based on merit. Prospective parents and students are encouraged to visit our campus, interact with our faculty, and experience the vibrant learning environment we offer.

Join us at Dadhichi Public School, Meerut, where we strive to ignite young minds, foster excellence, and create a brighter future. Together, let's nurture the leaders of tomorrow!

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